Welcome to Jeepsafari Mallorca.
The highlight of your holiday!

The most exciting way to discover Mallorca!

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What to take with you


You will need a valid licence (at least 2 years old)
or a copy.

  • departure 10.00 uur, return 17.00 uur
  • Including all-risk insurance and petrol!
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Do you want to enjoy the water ?
Don't forget the sunoil!

  • Do you like snorkling?
  • We will provide the snorks!
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Lunch is not included!
Take that into account

  • You can bring your own lunch...
  • ...or enjoy a lunch in Cala Pi
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Jeepsafari Mallorca


The most exciting way to enjoy Mallorca!

A day, together with your family or freinds driving your own jeep. A combination of VIEWING, ¨off the road¨ ACTION, SWIMMING and a lot of FUN. Drive, with your family or friends, your own 4 or 6 seated Suzuki Vitara. The professionel instructors off ¨Team Mallorca¨ will garantee you an exciting day. The tracks lead you throuhg the south part off the island. Here we find the large Finca´s, in a surrounding off mallorca´s famous almondtrees, with its burst of white flowers in January and February. In spring you will see the wonderful display of flowers in full blossom. Drive ¨off the road¨ to the top off the mountain Randa. Here you can visit the monastery and enjoy a fantastic view of the island.

Over sandways it goes on to Cala Pi, where we take lunchbreak. You can enjoy a swim in one off Mallorca´s most beautifull laguna´s. The last part off our journey leads us through small villages to Cap Blanc for a exciting end off the day. You drive 4×4 down to the sea, in a kind off moonlandscape. Here you can swim in the clear water off this protected seapark (we provide mask and snorkels).

At the end of this day you will have the same feeling as everyone else:

The best day off my holiday !


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